Groom Your Labradoodle


Australian Labradoodles have no body odor and do not require constant bathing, which is great for all types of owners. They do not need to be washed very often due to their fleece/wool coat.  

They do require some grooming, but not as much as other long haired breeds. You should brush them often to prevent matting of fur since they are non-shedding. It is important to start brushing your dog from the early days when he/she joins your family. You will need a good brush and a de-matting comb to get started. Expect to bring them to the groomer about 2-4 times a year.   

Australian Labradoodles are proving to be ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, due to the mostly wool and fleece coats. Australian Labradoodles do not shed.  

Our Personality

Australian Labradoodle has a unique personality all of it’s own. 

  • People Lovers
  • Great communicators 
  • Excellent Comforters 
  • Intelligent 
  • Happy 
  • Strong and Athletic 
  • Calm companions (after the puppy stage)  

Australian Labradoodles are consistent in gentle temperaments, allergy/asthma friendly, non shedding coats and wonderful intelligence.   

The Coats

The Cotton Wool   (Super dense curly-straight coat with a softer texture than the original wool or loose wool coats). This coat is reminiscent of a giant cotton ball when groomed out and is so dense that it almost keeps it self standing straight up. This coat is an allergy and asthma friendly coat with the highest rate of success of the three coat types (Hair/Fleece/Wool). It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly once a week. This coat also requires trimming about four times a year.    

The Fleece Coat ( Wavy and with a finer texture than the Cotton wool) Is very soft, like angora, and is allergy and asthma friendly.  It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about every two-three weeks. This coat usually requires trimming one-two times a year.

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